• susanweissedinborough-customSusan Weiss, founder and executive director of the Center for Women?s Justice in Jerusalem, which is committed to advancing the rights of women to equality, dignity and justice under Jewish law, received the ?Women in Law? citation by the Israel Bar Association, at a ceremonial dinner held on June 2 in Eilat.
    Weiss pioneered the concept of filing damage claims against husbands who refuse to give a get (divorce). ?Tort claims will change the social discourse.? Weiss proclaims. ?We will no longer relate to a husband?s refusal to give a get as his religious right, but rather as a civil wrong.”

    Susan has been actively working to find solutions for the problems of Jewish women and divorce for over 20 years, first as a private attorney, then as the founder and director of Yad L’Isha from 1997-2004, and now as the founder and executive director of CWJ. An editor of The Law and its Decisor (a quarterly journal published by Bar Ilan University Law School), Susan has written extensively about Jewish women and divorce. Susan is an attorney with an MA in sociology and anthropology and is currently a doctoral student at Tel Aviv University.

    By bestowing the “Notable Women in Law” Award to Attorney Susan Weiss, The Bar Association has given its support to the ideas that Weiss, and others like her, are promoting. Perception and ideas are slowly, but surely changing, infiltrating into the legal consciousness of the public; the discourse is changing, and with it the balance of power.


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