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Green Course Receives President’s Award

green-course-2 [1]Green Course, Israel’s largest volunteer organizaiton for the environment, received the President’s Award Wednesday evening (June 24th) at a reception at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem. Among the reasons Green Course received the award were “…activities promoting social- environmental issues, its concern for future generations… activities promoting awareness amongst the public and for assimilating the belief in the ability of the public to influence policies and bring about real change…”

President Peres praised the individuals and organizations awarded with the prize stating that such volunteers make him feel proud to be Israeli. “I am excited. Seeing the beautiful side of Israeli society which deserves much appreciation is not a common event. Being used to seeing unattractive sides of the Israeli reality, we forget our country has other, wonderful sides to it. You, the volunteers represent the light, the warm and sensitive heart beating at the center of Israeli society.”

Gil Ya’acov, Executive Director of Green Course: “Receiving the award is a great priviledge for Green Course, and indeed reflects the publics’ understanding regarding the deep significance of environmental issues; unfortunately, decision-makers are not fully there yet.”

The President Award follows Green Course’s recieving the Transparency Label from Midot, a Joint Meitav Investment House and Joint Distribution Committee initiative in April this year.

Earlier this year, Green Course underwent an evaluation process through Midot [2], a corporation assessing and rating non profit organizations in Israel. After examining the professionality, credibility and other in -depth aspects of the organization, Green Course received the very good A- mark.