• ICAR, a coalition of 28 organizations working to promote solutions to the problem of?agunot and?mesoravot get(women whose husbands are unable or unwilling to grant them a Jewish divorce), in accordance with Halacha (Jewish Law) recently published a new booklet in English entitled ?Halakhic Solutions to Get Recaliterance?.

    ICAR has initiated a Study Day throughout Israel on the subject of agunot and mesuravot get, on and there about International Agunah Day that is marked on the Fast of Esther every year. ICAR sees great importance in exposing the public to the halakhic sources that refer to the problem of the agunah and the mesurevet get and to the varied solutions that appear within these sources to this difficult problem.

    In this booklet the halakhic sources are organized by topic. Within each topic the sources are cited chronologically reflecting their precedence according to the halakhic era of each source.

    In addition, at the end of the booklet a is sample lesson plan, which is useful for study groups that covers a number of sources that relate to the problem of the agunah from the large variety of sources ?included in the booklet, as well as the various solutions that appear in the halakhic sources.

    The booklet can be downloaded directly from the following link


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