• yesodot2?An interesting continuing education program, one that teaches us new approaches?, says Rabbi Yossi Kahane, Head of the Bnai Akiva Ulpana, Amana in Kfar Saba regarding the Yesodot continuing education program for teaching civics. ?The teachers, religious women from the Shomron, encountered new and important texts. This is the first time we have had a continuing education program that unites all of us. We had lots of sessions that dealt with human dignity. The differences between different kinds of respect were clarified, and had an immediate impact on our work with the students.
    During one of the sessions there was a furious discussion regarding relationships with the Arab population. The discussion really had us thinking, and not in a rebellious fashion, even though the relationships with the Arab population is a very loaded issue for us. We have staff who were terror victims; we had to have the insight to understand that we don?t hate Arabs but rather we suspect and our suspicious of them ? until proven otherwise. We clarified for ourselves that we are not teaching our pupils to hate; because if you teach hatred there is no knowing where this will lead.
    ?The sensitive content brought by Yesodot is expressed in an insightful fashion and awakens in us deep thinking regarding the reality currently facing the State of Israel.?


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