• benjamin-childrens-librarySince Jan ?09, the Benjamin Children?s Library CL has been running an exciting new program for Gan children in coordination with Keren Karev and the city of Beit Shemesh. The goal of the program is to give the children perhaps their first exposure to the wonder of books and libraries and to familiarize the children with the library so that they feel at home here.
    The program includes talking to the children about the way a library develops and how growth necessitates order. They discover ways to sort the books so that they can be easily found. The children sort a pile of books themselves deciding where to put each book depending on colors, page size, number of words and pictures per page etc. They discover the color coded labeling system for books and take a tour of the library to find where each of the categories they defined are actually found in the library. Once at a shelf, they learn about alphabetizing books by author name. Ultimately, the children get to sit down with some delicious books and READ! The program continues after a reading break with a creative activity by Keren Karev. We believe the children should experience all kinds of development within the walls of the library and are therefore very pleased to be cooperating with Keren Karev for this enriching program.


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