• Exibit_article2_smallA new photo collection, ?Street Culture,? is up for viewing after 2 months of intensive work by the teens from Sderot?s Computer & Media Center.??? The exhibit includes 24 new photographs shot around the city of graffiti and vandalism to schools, synagogues, abandoned buildings and more.

    Before starting this project, the participants in the photography class had to agree on difficult concepts such as: what is street culture; where do we draw the line between vandalism and personal expression; how should we relate to this ?phenomena -? should we condemn it or accept it as a person?s unique expression;? is graffiti art or vandalism?

    Yarin, a 15 year old photographer from the class, added this note to one of his photos in the exhibit:

    We need to pass a law in our city that every person who damages and vandalizes property will be severely punished by the local authorities and by the police.? This legislation could prevent a lot of destruction in Sderot.? But we also need to recognize that there are people (youths and adults) who are very artistic and we should set aside places where they can create amazing public street art and graffiti.

    ?Street Culture? is the third exhibit created and curated by the photography class since its first meeting two years ago.? ?We see great importance in promoting social and community goals with our photography,? explains Haim Biton, a photography instructor at the Computer & Media Center.? ?We decided to use photography as a tool for self-awareness, social communication and personal empowerment.? This exhibit, ?Street Culture,? is the final product of our students? creative process, a process that encourages feelings of belonging to the community they live in, and helps them care what happens here.?

    Sderot?s Computer & Media Center and the photography program are supported by the Gvanim Association and its partners.


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