• In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, certificates were distributed to ten slightly mentally and emotionally disabled adults who finished an advanced computer course. Some of the participants already work and the rest are actively seeking employment. The course, taught by Sara Solomon, took place at the?Kiryat Menachem Computer Center.

    To understand how important this course was, here is a sampling of what the participants said upon receiving their certificates:

    Yaakov: “This course encourages me to buy a computer. It really added a lot to me- an excellent course. I hope there will be more courses like this. Much thanks to the extremely patient staff.”

    Avigayil: “I have problems concentrating and I was worried I would not be able to learn anything. Sara’s patience helped a lot and I ended up learning much more than I imagined possible.”

    Iris: “I knew absolutely nothing at the beginning. Thank you for helping me and showing much patience- it was fun and I learned a lot. I got exactly what I needed- to learn how to use Microsoft Office, empathy, patience and everything explained in an easy, understandable fashion.”

    Liza, who participated in a similar course last year, served as an assistant teacher during the course. In addition, she was able to complete one unit of her high school matriculation exam in computers.

    At the end of the ceremony, Ariel Keren, a social worker from the Ministry of Health, thanked everyone who provided support for the students. “I’m proud of everyone who finished the course and I am extremely impressed at how far they advanced.”


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