• Ever since Att. Gitit Nachliel?s legal precedent in which the parents of a recalcitrant husband were forced to pay child support as grandparents, Mavoi Satum has been inundated with requests for similar lawsuits. Mavoi Satum, and mesorevet get ?L?, have been celebrating a major victory following the ruling of the Jerusalem Family Court (Judge P. Marcus) in which the parents of the recalcitrant husband were forced to pay for child support of their grandchildren. Mavoi Satum Legal Aid Director Att. Gitit Nachliel won this victory based on information that became available about the parents conspiring to hide the whereabouts of their son and facilitate his recalcitrance. ?L? has been an agunah for four years, and her husband left the country when she was pregnant with their youngest child.

    For more information about this and other Mavoi Satum?s legal precedents, contact?Gitit Nachliel.


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