• On January 10th MENIFA inaugurated a new municipal initiative to train specialized drop out prevention teachers. This initiative is in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Mateh Binyamin.

    In many places around Israel various drop out prevention programs and models are operated by multiple players ? the Ministry of Education, the local municipality and non-profit organizations. MENIFA?s unique initiative emphasizes the importance of coordinating all these different programs and solutions. The main goal is to train agents of change within the educational system. These agents can then focus on the teen and his or her needs and on how to better use the resources of the educational system and municipality to help the specific needs of each teen. The training program meets once a week for 12 weeks and offers participants a full and rich program including group work (in small groups) and practical work with a teen. More detailed information can be found on our website in Hebrew and will soon be found in English as well.


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