• women and their bodies 3Women and their Bodies is working on the massive and vital task of creating local and culturally adapted Hebrew and Arabic editions of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ (OBOS). Women and Their Bodies is fortunate to have an unbelievably generous network of over 300 devoted women volunteers who give of their time and their skills towards the writing, editing, and researching of the book. The women, from all over the country, are from a wide spectrum of Israeli society, religious, progressive and secular, of different religions, Muslim, Christian and Jewish and have a wide range of backgrounds and specializations: psychologists, facilitators of women’s groups, gynecologists, midwives, sexologists, gender and social studies researchers and more. All are activists, each in their own way, promoting women’s equality, justice and human rights.

    After 4 years of hard work, out of the 32 Hebrew chapters, 20 are complete and 12 are in various stages of preparation. Ten Arabic chapters are complete and 22 are in various stages of preparation.? The book in Hebrew should be published in June 2010. Initially, we intended to publish the Arabic edition a year later. Instead, we have decided to publish the Arabic version in three parts. The first part, including 10 chapters will also be published in June 2010. We feel that it is essential to get this information out due to the general lack of accessibility to information of this kind within the Palestinian community.


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    1. Posted on October 14th

      Interesting news! I think I know some of the women working on this project. Can you post a link to their website or more info about them? That would be very helpful.

    2. Pamela Deutsch
      Posted on October 14th

      More information on the organization and a link to their site can be found at:

    3. Posted on October 14th


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