• “Bring back the values elements and the moral consideration to the Israeli society.”

    On Sunday August 2, 2009 The Israeli President, Mr. Shimon Peres, was hosted by residents of the new Student Village of Ayalim Association in the old city in Beer Sheva. “I came to gain some comfort from you” said the President to the Ayalim students. “The advantage of Ayalim is that it is a product of young people. All you have is an unlimited budget of enthusiasm ? and I am proud of this enterprise”, he added.

    The President was accompanied by the Mayor of Beer Sheva, Mr. Rubik Danilovich and the Director General of Rashi Foundation, Mr. Eli Elalouf. The three joined the students for an intimate discussion concerning leadership and the periphery. Mr. Peres shared his belief that Beer Sheva is on its’ way to become the new and modern version of Tel Aviv.

    When asked about the role of young people in Israel today, the president replied that “the youngsters today must restore the moral consideration in Israel due to the weakening of values we are experiencing as a society” and invited the students not to stand from afar but to join the Israeli politics.

    The evening was ended with the insertion of the Mezuzah at the entrance to the new student village, thus closing a circle after placing the corner stone of the first Ayalim village in 2003. The village in the old city of Beer Sheva was built with the support of the Jewish Agency, Keren Hayesod and the Canadian Israel Appeal (UIAC).


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