• Ramit, a mother of three, a poet and an artist, received a get?today in the Haifa Rabbinical Court. ?This came after a bitter five year struggle in which Ramit insisted she deserved her freedom without having to make concessions or compromises.
    Congratulations! We hope and pray for a happy and successful future for Ramit.

    Ramit was married in 1993, after she and her future husband became religiously observant.?The couple lived in a Charedi neighborhood.?? Her husband?s violent behavior began soon after their marriage.?After 12 years of continuous suffering, Ramit and her daughter were compelled to leave?their home , and Ramit filed for divorce.?As often happens, despite the fact that Ramit and her husband jointly purchased their apartment , the title to the apartment was in his name.?He took advantage of the situation and claimed full ownership of the apartment.?To make matters worse, the Beit Din demanded that Ramit should give up the apartment in exchange for a get and pressured her to transfer jurisdiction over the apartment’s ownership from the civil courts to the bet din.?Ramit refused.

    In all hearings relating to the apartment Ramit was represented, in both?the rabbinical and the family court, by Gittit Nachliel, Mavoi Satum’s lawyer.?Without?giving up on her share of the apartment, the rabbinical court recommended that the husband give Ramit a get, though they did not compel him to do so.

    In addition,?through The Center for Women’s Justice, Ramit?submitted a damages claim for divorce refusal.?This move caused the judges in the rabbinical court to decree that until Ramit retracted her damages claim?they would not arrange for her to receive a get.?Luckily, the civil court ratified that Ramit was entitled to half of the apartment and to compensation from her husband for refusing her divorce.?When her husband saw that he was fighting a losing battle and was going to lose on all counts, he agreed to give her a get.?With our help, the two sides were able to arrive at a fair divorce agreement. As of today Ramit is a free woman.

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