• Many women who have been abused physically, sexually, emotionally or economically lack both the tools and the emotional resources to take charge of their lives. Ruach Nashit believes that in order for women to take control of their own lives, they must be able to financially support themselves and their children.

    Take for example Efrat Revach, as a divorced mother of 4 she was overwhelmed and scared.? She felt alone, and unable to handle the responsibility of earning a living, paying the bills, being a mother a friend, and somehow building a career for herself.? One thing was clear to her ? fear and feeling sorry for herself were not going to buy groceries.

    ?I was introduced to Ruach Nashit through my family social worker.? What is nice about Ruach Nashit is that they are concerned with the present and the future and are not hung up about the past.? The amuta helped me grow through empowerment and business skill workshops, and by providing me with a mentor.? Eventually, I joined a course on building my own business and received business mentoring and participated in a networking meeting for business women.

    Efrat Revach ? Food from the Heart is now off the ground and provides catering in private homes as well as offering prepared foods, cakes and other baked goods.? If I would have continued to pity myself I would never have gotten to where I am today ? I often remind myself that adversity and even great adversity can be overcome, and that I can grow and even grown more?.


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    2. Posted on April 14th

      Lovely article, wonderful initiative

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