• mtova21Machshava Tova’s (MT) second Mobile Computer Unit (MCU) has officially begun operating all over Israel! The second MCU, equipped with 18 laptop computers, a wireless printer and projector, allows MT to reach new populations and provide them access to computers, help
    them acquire knowledge and empower them to seek a better future for themselves and their families.

    Machshava Tova is extremely grateful to the Shoresh Foundation, Italian Friends of Machshava Tova and Keren Hayesod of Italy for their generous donations towards the establishment of the second MCU. This MCU will operate within Jerusalem and all over Israel, with a special emphasis on helping people with special needs, youth-at-risk, ultra-Orthodox children and adults, unemployed adults and people living in development towns. MT is currently in contact with many organizations who are interested in availing themselves of this one of a kind service.

    Currently, the second MCU is being used for:
    ? a basic computer skills course for people with mental disabilities in Bnai Brak, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health
    ? computer basics for ultra-Orthodox women in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem who wish to enter the workforce, in cooperation with “Kol Haisha”
    ? a course in Excel for people interested in marketing, in Caesarea
    ? courses in digital photography for teenagers and adults- the emphasis for adults is on assisting them to find work as photographers
    ? a basics skills course for adults in the Maale Adumim Community Center
    ? working with kindergarten age children to prepare them for Grade One
    ? a basic skills course for hard of hearing adults in Jerusalem- the emphasis on helping them adopt to the modern workplace using IM, ICQ and other programs as a means of communication
    ? a joint course with “Mati” to help small businesses advertise on the Internet
    ? an animation course for ultra-Orthodox youth-at-risk in Kiryat Hayeled in Jerusalem

    On Sunday May 18, the MCU was showcased at the Jerusalem Education Department “Innovative Education” Conference in Binyanei
    Hauma. MT set up the MCU laptops, as well as the storage boxes of the MCU to give conference participants an idea of how the MCU works.
    Participants from other organizations came and met with MT staff members in an effort to discuss potential partnerships. In addition, the Machshava Tova booth was visited by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat (seen at left speaking with MT CEO Daniel Weil). Mr. Barkat, who is very familiar with Machshava Tova’s activities and centers within Jerusalem, was excited to hear about the second MCU and wished the organization much success in helping the weakest populations of Jerusalem acquire computer skills.

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