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Secretary of State Clinton meets Supportive Community?s delegates

sviva-tomechet14 [1]On Tuesday March 3rd 2009, in between meetings with heads of states and ministers, the newly elected US Secretary of State devoted time for a short meeting with delegates of Supportive Community Organization ? a multi cultural feminine community for business, personal and social development of micro business entrepreneurs.

During the meeting the participants discussed the issue of micro business as an employment tool for many women that for them it is the only mean for earning. Ms. Clinton prized the activities of not for profit organizations which deal with the promotion of micro business entrepreneurship of women and mentioned the importance of the issue today in the light of the global economic crisis.
The delegates of Supportive community that participated in the meeting were: Anna Resinkov (one of the founders) Diana Ahdut (staff member) Marina Savitzky and Rachel Prada ? entrepreneurs and Hagit Rubinsteing ? from the KORET Foundation.

At the broadcasted press conference that day in the major Israeli TV channel, Ms. Clinton used Supportive Community as an example for multicultural coexistence in Israel: … ?But I also enjoyed the opportunity to have a discussion with a group of women entrepreneurs, just a short while ago at the hotel, who are being featured in a little video made for a contest that the United States State Department is running seeking interesting projects around the world. There were so many hundreds of them submitted. This project from Israel discusses a supportive community that helps women become entrepreneurs, particularly immigrant women, women from the former Soviet Union, women from Ethiopia and elsewhere. As we discuss the critical issues of our time, it?s also important to remember why we do this. It is to provide the people, who both the prime minister and I are privileged to represent, with a chance to fulfill their own dreams, to live lives in safety and security, and to be given the opportunity to fulfill their own God-given potential?.