• For the first time One in Nine, Women for Women with Cancer, is offering a system of support and assistance for spouses of breast cancer patients. Each spouse will be able to choose the services that will best assist them in dealing with the challenges facing them. The services offered include a support and social networking group for spouses of cancer patients, information and knowledge from professionals, counseling (personal, couple and family), group counseling and parental guidance.
    Despite the fact that depression, sadness, and increased thoughts about loss and death, are only some of the emotional and physical burdens that each couple has to deal with, emotional support for these couples is often lacking. Research recently published by the Journey of Clinical Oncology, led by Dr. Michal Braun, Senior Psychologist, Associated Head of Psycho-Oncology Unit, Sharett Institute of Oncology, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, shows that the emotional tension and the stress of the spouses of patients maybe even higher than that of the patients. More than 40% of the spouses reported signs of depression, almost twice as high reported by the patients themselves. The research focused on 101 patients with advanced illness and their spouses and was conducted at the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem in cooperation with the Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto.
    More information: 03-6021717 or 052-8749292

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    1. gene littlefield
      Posted on July 17th

      finally someone has realized what i have been saying for some time now, that is not to belittle what the patients are going through but for the spouce there is little or no support to be had here in the united states we are just expected to everything to our loved ones but are given no support or help to help the one we love, yet if somthing goeg wrong we are the first one they look at for answers.
      i also beleave this may be one of the leading reasons that many couples who split up after so much that we go through and are overlooked and have nowhere to turn for support for us it is understandable that some people burn out and give up, i do not agree with doing that but i do understand it.
      it is sad that more studies and funding are not devoted to finding a cure for those of us that are going through this type of thing because we suffer too and in alot of ways much more.
      we are not the ones who make the choices that are made yet we are expected to live with the outcomes of the choices made, i am not saying that it is our choice to make but it is ours to have to deal with.
      all to often the choices that are made are made out of fear and those fears are played upon by the medical establishment, and once they have done the damage we are left to clean up the mess left behind with no support or answers.
      so you see our problems are compounded and multiplied by several factors and we are left to our own devices to figure it out, and no amount of counciling will be of any real help to us.
      so i encourage this report and i wish more people would scream it from the mountains until someone listens.

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