• image002During 2009, Summit expanded its?vocational rehabilitation program for young Israelis with a history of psychiatric?illness. The program now offers a full spectrum of vocational options, from work?in a sheltered environment, to supported placement in the open market place.

    The Center has turned into a productive, creative, multi-disciplined enterprise.?Products produced in the workshops are being marketed to retailers, the?proceeds of the sales acting as an important supplement to the participants’?income.

    At present about 30 external and resident rehabilitants work daily in the?sheltered workshop. From January 2009 to present, about 15 rehabilitants have?been directed to the center by various treatment factors in the community?(protected housing, hostel, family-format housing). Such rehabilitants are defined as “externals” whose treatment?target is achieving occupational and social rehabilitation.

    The Center offers a wide spectrum of vocational?activities for more than 160 youths with a history of psychiatric illnesses. Currently, over 200 participants work in?the general employment market in various scopes and contexts outside Summit, accompanied by our constant?care and involvement.


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