• In seeking ways to strengthen their kehilla and community involvement, Kehillat Ramot Zion joined forces with Kehillat Tzedek to produce the Einat Project.? Under the guidance of Cami Mizrachi, the kehilla put together a community volunteer program aimed at aiding families who have loved ones undergoing rehabilitation at the Hadassah University Hospital, on Mount Scopus.

    The Einat Project involves not only 25 members of Kehillat Ramot Zion, but also volunteers from the Nechama Branch of Hadassah Women, Haverot and Hadassah Hospital.

    Volunteers run activities at the hospital for rehabilitation patients and their families on a weekly basis, including music, games, discussions, study groups and more.

    In preparation for this activity, volunteers participated in four intensive workshops led by members of Haverot and the hospital staff.? The sessions covered issues such as interpersonal communication, how to communicate with rehabilitation patients and the rehabilitation process.? Volunteers continue to receive guidance on a monthly basis.

    Ramot Zion?s activities in the Rehabilitation Unit have now expanded to include young children from the kehilla preparing Hanukah decorations for the Unit, NOAM (Masorti?s youth movement) members providing other decorations and the Ramot Zion choir singing in the unit on Fridays.

    Kehillat Ramot Zion is a member of the Masorti Movement in Israel.? Kehillat Tzedek is a joint project of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and the Masorti Movement.


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