• rehovotPrime Minister Yitzchak Rabin was assassinated by a Jew??14 years ago. Could it happen again?

    Despite the passage of 14 years since the Rabin assassination, Yesodot?s work continues to be vital. A recent YNET Survey found that 40% of the Israeli public does not commemorate Rabin Memorial Day and of the religious Zionist population 33% commemorates the death of the Matriarch Rachel on Rabin Memorial Day!

    51% of the religious Zionist population believes that their sector — not the peace camp and not all of society– but they alone, were hurt the most by the political assassination since they are the ones continually accused of encouraging violence for political gain. Shoshi Becker, Yesodot?s Educational Director, points out that these results make one question whether the religious Zionist population is attuned to the pain of the other segments of society.

    When asked how to improve matters, most of those questioned said that we must educate non-stop for tolerance and against violence toward the different sectors of Israeli society. This is the exact message that Yesodot continues to spread through its in-service training programs for religious teachers on Judaism and democracy and through its innovative curricula in Talmud, Jewish Thought and social studies for religious elementary and high school students.

    With the help of skilled facilitators, religious elementary and high schools throughout Israel made Yom Rabin Memorial Day a day to focus on the importance of democracy and the rule of law. The central message of the day was ?Yes To Protest, No To Violence,? even when the government makes decisions that conflict with your deeply held beliefs.

    To watch the video about Yesodot’s programming click here!


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