• ziv-neurimDuring the month of April, Ziv Neurim participants collected from the Netanya and Poleg beaches 50 bags of garbage weighing 250 kilograms over a 4 hour period. The 50 participants, are members of 3 Ziv Neurim groups and attend the Eldad, Reigler, and Shai Agnon Schools in Netanya and the Sharon region.

    The clean up activity, part of an effort to raise environmental awareness, included a lecture from a representative of the ?Tzalul? organization about the importance of the environment, with particular emphasis on the sea, animals who live in the sea, the plants in the area, and of course about the people who use the area.

    After the lecture, and the clean up activity, an impressive ceremony was held and participants received certificates and small gifts.

    Ziv Neurim participants, youth at risk of dropping out of school, participate in recreational boating activities as a means assisting these youth in experiencing success. This activity was part of an ongoing process to help these youth develop personally and socially; being social responsible and contributing to their own communities are an important of the changes these youth undergo.


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