• 2008-2009 were not easy years financially for nonprofit organizations.? The need for self-generated income under such circumstances is significant.? However, this is not a simple task and has implications on the organizations at all levels; management, finance, vis a vis the tax authorities, etc.

    The Ziv Neurim non-profit organization (named after Ziv Levi, a fighter in the Israeli marine commando who died in office) was established in order to give youth at risk of dropping out a true experience of success. Using various marine vessels, Ziv Neurim is a leader in developing participants’ personal and social abilities, and ensuring their successful integration into educational and social frameworks.

    Beginning in 2007, Ziv Neurim worked towards the establishment of an income generating project.? The need for a Sea Center of their own grew out of the hardship placed on the organization in the rental of facilities for their activities up and down the coast.? By establishing their own marina, this hardship was reduced.

    During 2008 a business plan was created for the Marina and a firm partnership was established with the Ashdod Marina and the ORT School for Marine Officers.? More than 50 marine vessels were donated to the Center allowing it to both have the equipment needed for its own activities as well as offer a range of activities to outside groups.

    Today, Ziv Neurim is proud to offer at its Ashdod Sea Center a wide variety of activities to business, community centers, educational institutions and the public.? These include fun and challenge days for companies, businesses, schools, and boarding facilities, end of the year events, sea activities for sports matriculation students, Outdoor Training Seminars, sailing courses, physical education for college students in the south, activities for youth at risk, etc.

    Although the marketing of the project is only beginning, the center has already earned significant income for Ziv Neurim during 2009 and helped the organization cut down its expenses.

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